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Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

I am very pleased to announce that this edition of the NJASFAA News is also available on-line at www.njasfaa.org. When I took over as Editor for this 2002-2003 year, I began working with the Electronic Initiatives Committee to see that NJASFAA joined the many other state organizations in providing an on-line newsletter. Larry Sharp and Jim Owens, Chairs - Electronic Initiatives and Kimber Decker, Co-Chair - Development and I have worked very hard to make this possible. Please go to the NJASFAA Website and see what's been accomplished. We are all very proud of this endeavor. Larry and Paula Gordon, ATAC, have done a splendid job, but we are still happy to receive any additional ideas and thoughts.

This edition marks the end of a hard copy of the NJASFAA News. I would like to thank our printer, BP Graphics, for all the wonderful work they have done over the past number of years. Most members do not realize all the hard work and effort that goes into printing the newsletter, and I would have been lost without Este and her co-workers.

Although we will no longer provide a hard copy of the NJASFAA News, articles are still needed and willingly accepted.. Please continue to forward any articles or items of interest for the newsletter to me at mquinn@solarishs.org.

Maribeth Quinn