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Letter from the Editor

Hello and Welcome to the first issue of the NJASFAA Newsletter for 2003/2004.

This year actually starts with an ending of sorts. For the first time, NJASFAA and the entire financial aid community begin a new year without the services of Dick Solomon. Since Dick actually began his financial aid career prior to existence of an actual Financial Aid Office, this is indeed a first. It can be safely stated that Dick had a unique personality, but, above all, there was no person more dedicated to the profession and to ensuring that those of us on the front lines understood the correct way to deliver funds to our students.

Of course, with every loss, there is some good news to report. With Dick’s retirement, the Conference Committee can save money on all the ribbons they don’t have to buy to account for all of Dick’s years of service.

I hope you enjoy this first issue of the Newsletter. I am also making a request for articles for upcoming issues. The success of our Newsletter will only be enhanced by the contributions of all the organizations members. All submissions, no matter the subject or length, will be accepted.