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Letter from the Editor

How do you know its spring in the financial aid office? You know its spring because:

  • You spend all your time in the IT office because only they can make the necessary upgrades to your system to get awarding underway for the next year;

  • Your old friend in the Admissions Office gives you a friendly call every day to see how you are doing and to make certain award letters will be mailed when you said they would;

  • Some archaic code written about 20 years ago becomes your best friend, because it is the only thing between you and packaging the entire freshman class by hand;

  • Your colleagues become your enemies, especially if they can get their award letters out earlier then you;

  • You get to see the two sides of the Admissions process. For example, statement to the Admissions Office, “Thank you so much for accepting me into your prestigious university. You where always my first choice and I’m so happy I will be able to attend your university in the fall.” Statement to the Financial Aid Office from the same family, “The guy up the road gave me more money, so you better increase your aid offer or I’m going there.”

Spring is also the time NJASFAA changes hands as one President steps down and a new one takes his place. I encourage everyone to think about becoming involved in NJASFAA during the upcoming year. Associations like NJASFAA have long played an important part in the life of the financial aid community, but they have only been successful because people found the time to volunteer.

NJASFAA will soon be embarking on a long range strategic plan. However, any plan will only be as successful as the people who carry it out. I encourage everyone to volunteer for a committee, write and article for the Newsletter, present at conference, or any other activity NJASFAA offers. New volunteers are always welcome, but I also encourage NJASFAA members who have served before to step up to the plate and volunteer again.