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Letter from the Editor

Unlike the baseball season, the traditional campus academic calendar begins in the fall when the earth is slowing down and the days are shorter. The end of the year comes in the spring when the days grow longer and life begins to feel renewed. It seems like it should be the other way around.

It is also during this time of the year we all participate in the activity known as Commencement. This event should always remind us of why we are in this profession. It finalizes the degree our graduates worked so long and hard to obtain and it symbolizes their hope and promise as they move into the future. We should always feel proud that we had some small part in that process.

The end has also come for my term as Newsletter Editor. Like many of our graduates, I have many people to thank. First, I need to thank David Sheridan who conned me into this job. Second, I would like to thank all the people that submitted material. A Newsletter is not one person’s creation but belongs to entire association and everyone that put down their thoughts on paper and submitted it for publication. Last, I would like to thank Paula Gordon and the folks from ATAC. ATAC had the hard job of taking all the different stuff I sent to them and putting it into the impressive publication you see on our web site.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable summer.