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Guidance Counselor Alert
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The NJASFAA Executive Council has approved an open letter to parents of high school seniors warning them about financial aid consultants and "free"seminars. You have permission to make unlimited copies of this letter for distribution at your financial aid night presentations, and you are encouraged to do so. The same letter was distributed this fall to high school guidance counselors at the financial aid workshops sponsored by NJHESAA.

A Message to the Educational Community
NJASFAA is a non-profit organization of individuals who are interested in promoting the effective administration of student financial aid in New Jersey. From the Association's inception, we have sought to insure access to post secondary education for the many students wishing to attend New Jersey institutions.

The NJASFAA Speaker's Bureau is designed to lend support to all in the New Jersey higher education community in need of information concerning financial assistance to attend a post secondary institution. The Bureau consists of trained financial aid officers and other professionals from throughout the state who are capable of assisting high school counselors with the dissemination of this important information for students and families.

High school counselors and administrators who are in need of this service should review the list and contact one of our outstanding presenters who are willing to present in your county. Be sure to mention the NJASFAA Speaker's Bureau when you call.

Fees and Honorariums
(reprinted with the permission of the Connecticut Association of Professional Financial Aid Administrators)

Many presenters will charge a fee for their services and others will be happy to present without regard to a fee. Most financial aid administrators who charge a fee do so because they have prepared many hours for your event and are providing a service that is well above and beyond their normal call of duty. That beautiful PowerPoint presentation didn't write itself, nor did the handouts, brochures and other materials. Your speaker's expertise did not come without years of hard work, all acquired well before they began presenting at financial aid events. Most speakers have anywhere from five to fifteen presentations to do in a four-week period, placing a huge demand on both their personal and professional lives.

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