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NJASFAA believes it is important to affirm both our mission and diversity statements. Our overarching mission of assisting students and families to obtain access to higher education goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to embrace and celebrate diversity and inclusion. We do so with a firm dedication that actively uplifts members, students and families from all backgrounds while equally condemning racism, bias activity, inequality and any actions that might stand to test our position as a service organization. We look forward to further strengthening and expanding our partnership with you - our valued membership, colleagues and friends.

 A Note from Your President, Alex Guiral:

Welcome to NJASFAA,

I am humbled and excited to be serving as the President of NJASFAA during such an unprecedented period. The financial aid world has never needed to come together as one as we do now. I am grateful that NJASFAA, whose members are as vast as our students, is the type of organization that can bring active financial aid professionals, retired associates, our hard-working vendor partners, and colleagues from other departments together for a common goal. Students.

2024-2025 is the year of change. Training will be essential, and I am committed to ensure NJASFAA is at the forefront of training for our members. I look forward to the membership in attendance for all events. Credential training, Thirsty Thursdays, the Spring Forum, and the 3-day Conference in November are great opportunities for members to get together to learn and network. It is at these events where NJASFAA members shine. When attending these events take a minute to introduce yourself to someone new.

My involvement with NJASFAA has centered around asking to serve. Whether as part of a committee, chairing a committee, assisting in training, or presenting at the conference I have found that the volunteering aspect of NJASFAA is where growth happens. I have learned much from many different colleagues and I hope they have learned from my experiences as well. If you have not yet been involved, take that first step. Ask to be a part of a committee.  We welcome all that wish to serve. My professional life has changed for the better because of a NJASFAA Conference in 2017 where I asked to serve.

Thank you to the 2024-2025 Executive Council. NJASFAA serves the membership and the community based on all your hard work. The institutions of higher education, the students in which they serve, and the state of NJ is honored to have such resolute individuals. I look forward to charging ahead into this year with you. 

Yours in service,
Alex Guiral
NJASFAA President
Berkeley College

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NJASFAA's mission is to promote financial aid awareness and educational opportunities for students by providing professional development opportunities for its members.

Individual Membership Dues are $60 annually. Membership is June 1st through May 31st.

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